Weather Outside 1.0

Welcome to Weather Outside. The most elegant design in a weather app.

Weather Outside 1.0

Welcome to Weather Outside. The most elegant design in a weather app.

Weather Outside is a visually stunning new weather application that provides you with detailed current weather conditions packed in a gorgeous design and a unique user interface.
Weather Outside is the most beautiful and simple way to check for all kinds of weather conditions at just a moment's notice, along with a 5-day forecast, on top of a stunning visual representation.

No need to even look out your window, as Weather Outside will make you feel like you are already outside, making all weather information come alive on your screen.
Get real-time weather information, such as wind direction and speed, humidity and precipitation, cloud cover and visibility details, based on your current location wherever you are in the world - very useful when you are travelling.
Now you can plan your outdoor activities every day - just take a look on Weather Outside and youOCOll know whether you should take an umbrella or not.

In Weather Outside, the weather information is visualized with beautiful wallpapers for all weather conditions. This converts your Windows 8 device to a weather station like you never imagined.
The application's gorgeous weather HD images lets you instantly check the weather outside your window, with visually stunning High Definition (HD) graphics representing current weather conditions (rainy, snowy, sunny, cloudy, thundery and freezing weather).


Unique user interface design
All weather information on your screen, elegantly organized so that you see everything in a glance
The application shows you the weather based on your device's location (location services must be enabled)
Magical HD weather photo backgrounds reflecting real-time weather conditions
Beautiful Live Tile provides you with visual information of current weather conditions without even starting the app
Weather Outside Live Tile auto-updates frequently so that it always shows the most up-to-date weather conditions
Simple yet elegant presentation of weather conditions regarding wind direction and speed, humidity and precipitation, cloud cover and visibility details
Easy to monitor 5-day weather conditions and temperature forecast
Weather conditions update each time you open the app, so you always see the most updated weather information
Select your temperature unit between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Select Metric or Imperial unit system to see wind speed, visibility distance and precipitation height the way you prefer
A very low demand on your device's resources
Very low internet traffic when updating weather conditions
Support for all display resolutions with our amazing HD graphics
Ad-free. No limitations. No hidden costs.
Weather Outside provides visual representation of over 50 different types of weather with its corresponding high-resolution images telling you exactly what the weather outside is like in a very intuitive way.

Weather Outside's most useful feature is its Live Tile, which displays detailed weather conditions on your Windows Home Screen.
Weather Outside provides a fully featured Live Tile allowing you to track current weather conditions and temperature right from your Home Screen without even starting the app.
Our Live Tile provides a visual representation of the current weather with a corresponding weather image so that you can check the weather instantly, like you have never seen before.
Live Tile updates automatically at regular intervals so that the weather conditions shown on the Tile are always up-to-date


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